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linkagephoto 01 thumb270 has been built with the open source, content management system known as Joomla! Joomla is more of a community than a program and has contributors, developers and supporters all over the world. I'm pleased to have helped other local businesses learn and enjoy the benefits of Joomla too...



In today's mobile world, anything on the internet needs to be responsive to a myriad of devices. Joomla has grown to include that capability over its 14 or so years of existence. That, combined with thousands of plugins and extensions, all created by the community, make it one of the best Content Management Systems available. Powerful. Flexible. Secure.

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The Summerland Motel has been using a Joomla website for several years. It's functional, user-friendly, and logical to navigate. Just what their customers are looking for! The owners have a simple login module to edit content like room rates and descriptions, using a simple text editor. The 'back end' remains untouched so there's no fear of breaking anything! Bright, clear, professional photos give the site extra appeal and updates are easy.


 Who else uses Joomla? See this Google Search or watch the Intro Video from


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The Rosedale Motel is another local business I'm pleased to have helped discover the benefits of a Joomla website. Again, function and logic are key elements to make the site user-friendly. Check out their Reservation Inquiry Form which is a huge time-saver for the owners and allows their guests to give all the pertinent details of a reservation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!



 Combining two simple ingredients for success...
...Web Services & Professional Photography


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Recently, I helped Giants Head Realty convert their static website to Joomla. Complimenting the site is a plethora of local imagery, as well as abundant local links and info. The goal of making this responsive site appealing to new (or potentially new) members of the community also makes it search-engine friendly. Try searching "Summerland BC Real Estate" with your favorite search engine and see them on page one. And that's a very competitive industry!


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What about Support?

The best part about being a small business is helping other small businesses. My client list is always kept to a manageable level and I focus on service first. Technology and security measures available today make downtime far less likely, but I'm here to assist with any issue, big or small. I'm also keenly interested in ensuring you and your team are fully versed in the day-to-day handling of your website and best practices for minimal issues. In-house training is generally discussed and planned for in the initial consultation for your site, along with opportunities to update, expand, or adapt as your business moves forward. Finally, I believe in taking the simplest route possible to meeting challenges and in using the simplest language in explanations and technical support. I'll work with you at the level and pace you feel comfortable with.

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