Virtual Tours Example 2

Here's another example, this time for a business in Summerland, BC. This tour is featured in our project, recently launched. In this case, we were able to enhance the online presence for Blossom Fruit Stand (a seasonal business without a website) by giving them a search engine friendly URL, plus a virtual 'taste' of what they have to offer in their beautiful, convenient location along the highway.

As in the first example, click and drag inside the viewer window to move around, follow the hotspots, try out the slideshow and of course, sample the full-screen option or, you can view the entire virtual tour on its own page.


Virtual Tour Features & Benefits

- Quality, professional photography -

- Full-screen viewing option -

- User-friendly format -

- Social Media Sharing/Integration -

- Incorporate panoramas as well as still (slideshow) images -

- Interactive Maps Integration -

- Floorplans with hotspot integration -

- Night/Dusk Photography available any business a warm, inviting impression! -


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