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Digital Downloads:

Go to to be taken to your profile. On your profile page, select the "Downloads" tab. If you paid by PayPal, your download will be ready immediately. If you paid by bank transfer, your order will be available when your funds are received


To send a Bank Transfer (eTransfer):

  1. Login to your bank account

  2. Find/select eTransfer (you may first have to select 'Payments' or 'Transfers')

  3. Amount: enter total amount including taxes and shipping (you can find this in your confirmation email or, you can login to LinkAge Photo here and print a copy of your order).

  4. For recipient please paste in our email address. You will find that in your confirmation email once your order is placed.  'Copy and paste' ensures there are no typos and subsequent delays in the processing of your purchase.

  5. For secret question use "Order ID" and the answer will be the order ID number provided in your confirmation email (again, please copy and paste). If you prefer, you can phone us toll-free: 1.866.494.1789 to set up an alternate secret question and answer.

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