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2017-05-01: Another round of 'shoulder season' surgery (on the left this time) and I'm back behind the lens! The healing time wasn't wasted as I was able to finally launch a project that's been in the works for many years. links local imagery (photography, virtual tours, video) along with local 'places' into a user-friendly, Travel Map Guide. Starting right here, can eventually be linked to other communities, which can eventually be linked to larger regions and so on, and so on. Read more on the story here, visit the site here and if you want to get your business or place on the map, go here.

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2016-01-30: What's new? How about new year, new business name, new website! Formerly Okanagan Digital Photography, LinkAge Photo combines everything previously under and Simply put, it's a unification geared toward simplicity.

I started this re-branding process in 2013 but thanks to brisk business, it kept getting pushed to the back burner. This winter, despite a number of client projects on the go, I'm pleased to get this done in my 'spare' time. Needless to say, the candle is warm at both ends!

The goal of 'everything under one name' has been key, but a close second was to integrate an eCommerce shopping cart. You can see that in the new Print Shop. And speaking of the print shop, I created several different methods of navigation via the main menu; Panoramas - By CategoryPanoramas - By Location and Tagged Images. Both the 'category' and 'location' methods allow the images to be viewed individually or from one to the other as a slideshow; something that was sorely lacking on the old canadarama site.


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All of the panoramas from have been, or are being re-worked. Prior to the launch of, I managed to get at least one panorama in each category and location. The rest will be added in the coming weeks and months ...along with new ones too!


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Another addition to the toolbox is the new Virtual Tour format. For those in the know, virtual tours were a starting point in this endeavour, way back in 2002. Since then, numerous methods have been experimented, tested, failed, re-tested, etc, etc. Some of the software providers disappeared and new ones came along. The new method has been around a long time but requires some javascript and hand-coding that I had to find the time to learn. Tricky yes, but in the end it's an incredible system with amazing flexibility. I have high hopes for some new directions and projects ...stay tuned! has been built with the open source system known as Joomla! Joomla is more of a 'community' than a 'program'. Similar to the virtual tour system above, it takes a bit more to get to know, but the effort is incredibly rewarding. I have helped a few other businesses get to know Joomla and they too, are now enjoying the benefits of Joomla websites. In today's mobile world, anything on the internet needs to be responsive to a myriad of devices. Joomla has grown to include that capability over its 10 or so years of existence. That, combined with thousands of plugins and extensions, all created by the community, make it one of the best Content Management Systems available. Powerful. Flexible. Secure. Read more in the Web Services section. 


I'm still involved in the insurance photography industry and have now photographed over 14,000 homes in British Columbia. That work is ongoing and consumes about 80% of my time, April through November.

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So, it's a good year to take a leap, yes? If you have any questions, comments or feedback on anything here, please contact me anytime. Thanks for browsing on over!

John Barber


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