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2015-11-13: My goal, first and foremost, with the rebranding and unification of okdigital.ca and canadarama.ca, is to simplify. There was some benefit to having one website for the business end and one for the artistic, but the two aspects are so intertwined and overlapping it makes sense at this point to combine them. Changing the official business name of 'Okanagan Digital Photography' to 'LinkAge Photo' was consistent with this simplification as well as having fairly significant links to what I do.

thumb 081019p 5049 1236 Broadly speaking, I don't think there is much doubt that we now live in the 'Link Age'. It started with digital computers, then the internet, and now of course with social media. These links have joined us together, globally, like never before. The world is smaller because of them. History will likely refer to it more as the 'Digital Age' but personally, I like the image that the term 'linkage' conjures; the mechanical, smooth, meshed linkage of a vehicle or well-oiled machine. I also like to visualize the graphic of the walking ape, you know the one, that morphs into neanderthal, and then into homo sapiens. I suppose that human now would be shown with some sort of device attached, linked perhaps, and interesting to ponder what the future 'person' will look like. Homo Sapiens 2.0?

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LinkAge Photo - About John Barber

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In 2002, before this life as a photographer, I was working on a commercial construction site in the Okanagan Valley. A workplace accident resulted in the tragic death of a friend and co-worker, an experience that had a profound affect on my perspective of life. A year or so prior to that, I took a nasty fall on another construction project and ended up with a broken ankle. Combined, the two incidents allowed me to take a hard look at my situation. Our daughter was nearing school age and her toddler years had gone by in a flash. I was away from home 12-16 hours per day and often weekends too. I realized I had to make a change or I'd be sorry and regretful later in life. I took a leap of faith and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.


I had an introduction to film photography in my youth, and learned a lot from my Dad who was a keen shutterbug in his spare time. We even built a darkroom together in the basement of our home and between what we could find in books, classes and good 'ole trial and error, we learned a great deal. We made a lot of mistakes of course but it was enjoyable, creative to some degree, and occasionally, even rewarding when something was worthy of a frame and a nail in the wall.

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