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2015-11-13: My goal, first and foremost, with the rebranding and unification of okdigital.ca and canadarama.ca, is to simplify. There was some benefit to having one website for the business end and one for the artistic, but the two aspects are so intertwined and overlapping it makes sense at this point to combine them. Changing the official business name of 'Okanagan Digital Photography' to 'LinkAge Photo' was consistent with this simplification as well as having fairly significant links to what I do.

thumb 081019p 5049 1236 Broadly speaking, I don't think there is much doubt that we now live in the 'Link Age'. It started with digital computers, then the internet, and now of course with social media. These links have joined us together, globally, like never before. The world is smaller because of them. History will likely refer to it more as the 'Digital Age' but personally, I like the image that the term 'linkage' conjures; the mechanical, smooth, meshed linkage of a vehicle or well-oiled machine. I also like to visualize the graphic of the walking ape, you know the one, that morphs into neanderthal, and then into homo sapiens. I suppose that human now would be shown with some sort of device attached, linked perhaps, and interesting to ponder what the future 'person' will look like. Homo Sapiens 2.0?

Drilling down another level, the digital world and again social media, have given us access to a plethora of images. Photos of course but graphics too, and video. These images connect us. They link our worlds. Nowadays, "a picture paints a thousand words" about a million times a second. And the real beauty of it today is that it's a two way street. Not only do we get to see images from places on (or even off) the planet that we may never get to visit in person, but we get to share our own images, our own personal world with just as curious and intrigued visitors from anywhere else we are linked to.

Another aspect of link 'ages' is the historical perspective. I think every museum I've ever experienced has panoramic images. Usually older, black and white. Going outside the traditional 'framed' pictures can often tell a story, with a specific time, place and an overview of how things looked, at that particular moment. That's often in my mind when I capture panoramic images, especially cityscapes. The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are a good example of a time and place, not likely to be repeated in the near future. I hope that a panorama or two of mine might be seen long after I'm gone, and help link future ages, to our time.

Last but not least and still on the panoramic theme, all of my panoramas consist of many inidividual photos, blended, or 'linked' together to form the finished image. As few as 6 but as many as 20 or more. Each individual picture is something in and of itself, but through the linkage of all of them together, something bigger is formed. Is that bigger, better? Entirely a matter of opinion of course, and like photography in general, no single image has exactly the same meaning, or generates exactly the same feeling, to all people. For me personally, capturing the peripheral helps me re-live the experience of being there. And maybe it links me, to that age in my life :)

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